Welcome to Beukes & Reynders Occupational Therapists privacy policy. This is our methodology for protecting and preserving your privacy. We respect all our current and soon to be patience privacy and applied the necessary preventive measures to assure that personal data/information is protected and preserved as much as to our capacity and limitation towards third-party behaviour, we take this very seriously and compliance is a focus within our practice. The policy purpose is to elaborate and provide explanation of how we collect, store, use and protect data that can be associated with you or another specific natural or juristic person and can be used to identify you or that person (personal data/information).


The policy applies to you in the following:

  • a visitor to our website;
  • a prospect who contacts us by phone or email; or
  • a patient who wants to know more about our services or online query via website.


  1. certain information that we collect automatically from your visitation on our website for research and development purposes;
  2. certain information collected on e-plat form queries and/or sign-up sessions
  3. certain information collected via online platform submission;
  4. information that is provided voluntarily upon written request either via survey's or signup engagements.


  1. Declarations and information that has been made intentionally anonymous so that the specific party cannot be identified.
  2. Permanently de-identified information that does not relate or cannot be traced back to you specifically
  3. Information that you have provided voluntarily in an open, public environment or forum including blog, chatroom, community, classifieds or discussion board (because the information has been disclosed in a public forum, it is no longer confidential and does not constitute personal data/information subject to protection under this policy);


Common examples of the types of personal data/information which we may collect and process under the relevant circumstances include;

  • Identifying information — such as your name, surname, date of birth and/or identification number;
  • Contact information — such as your phone number and/or e-mail address
  • Address information — such as physical and/or postal address


Depending on the service in enquiry we may also collect sensitive personal data/information like certain relevant medical background and similar.


Acceptance required;
You accept the terms of this policy in the following mannerism when you contact us through;

  • Phone;
  • Email;
  • Our website
  • Fax
  • All other communication channels that we are connected to; or by contacting any of our practitioners' directly or indirectly.


You may not access our website or any form of our practice if you are under the age of 18 years unless consolidated by a competent/legal accountable entity that is of sound mind to engage in a legal binding agreement/correspondence


By accepting this policy, you are deemed to have read, understood, accepted, and agreed to be bound by all of its terms.


You may only send us your personal data/information or the personal data/information of another data subject where you have their permission to do so.


We may change the terms of this policy at any time by updating our web page. We will notify you of any relevant changes by placing a notice in a prominent place on the website or by sending an email detailing the changes that we have made and indicating the date it was last updated. If you do not agree with the changes, then it is your responsibility to stop utilizing the website and any relevant engagements pertaining to the practice. If you do continue with the utilization with the acknowledgement of receipt of the updated/changed terms then the changed/updated information will carry the same applicability to you as any party accepting the changes and you will be deemed as accepting towards the changes/updated information.