We offer comprehensive medico-legal assessments for Road Accident Fund claims, Personal Injury/Disability claims as well as Medical Negligence claims.

We provide services specifically for personal injury attorneys to help assess their clients. Our assessments aim to evaluate the impact of an illness or accident on the claimant's participation in daily activities, with emphasis placed on their capacity for work.

We assess a variety of physical, neurological and psychiatric disabilities; and our therapists have experience in both adult and paediatric medico-legal assessments. We use a number of standardised assessment tools for optimal objectivity in our assessments; and we pride ourselves on detailed, timely and efficient report writing. We also offer subsequent joint minutes and court appearances.

Objective Medico-legal reporting

Our reports and joint minutes follow the standards and rules established by South African courts. The reports are as impartial, objective and detailed as possible; and we pride ourselves on timely report submission.. We value open lines of communication, so that you can get the most out of our services.

The benefits of our medico-legal assessments

  • Thorough and comprehensive
  • Turned around quickly
  • Objective, honest and impartial in nature
  • Professionally undertaken
  • Completed by a highly trained and qualified Occupational Therapist
  • Our team of Occupational Therapists are available to complete any medico-legal assessments within the scope of Occupational Therapy. If an issue or question falls outside of our expertise or if we are unable to reach a definite opinion, then this will be made clear.