As case managers, we are able to objectively and efficiently manage and make recommendations with regard to your client's access to rehabilitation and medical services, assistive devices and/or supportive services based on their injury or disability.

As Occupational Therapists with varied experience within the profession; we believe that we are able to offer well-rounded and holistic case management services, with consideration for all internal and external factors which will impact on your client’s ability to re-integrate into their most valued occupations.

Our clear and effective communication skills enable us to effectively mediate between all parties involved, and provide a well-rounded overview of the client’s progress in the rehabilitation process. We offer succinct and timely feedback to disability claims teams; and we value timely submission of progress reports so as to prevent delays in the claims review process.

Our goal is to ensure that clients have access to proper healthcare and support, while at the same time preventing insurers from wasting time or money on services which may prove ineffective.

We ensure that the client is accessing the treatment they need to function optimally at work, or in their most valued occupations. We communicate any concerns and progress to the insurer/employer, and make recommendations for further treatment and/or reasonable accommodations as needed.

Case management services for Insurers

When we handle cases, we ensure communication is clear between all parties. Our Occupational Therapists provide a holistic and well-rounded view to help you understand the bigger picture when it comes to your client's health. The case management process helps insurers to manage the client’s access to medical and supportive care; and facilitate compliance to the rehabilitation process. Our Case Managers facilitate holistic patient care, advocate for needed services, coordinate care, and ensure continuity of care. All these benefits can help strengthen your relationship with clients, and improve success rate in the rehabilitation process.

Case management for Employers/Employees

Following completion of a work assessment, your Occupational Therapist is likely to make recommendations for additional medical and/or supportive care which will better enable your employee to cope at work. Often employers and employees are unsure how to access these services, and it is difficult to know the extent of the support that your employee needs. Case Management for employers ensures that those recommendations made with regard to reasonable accommodations, assistive devices, medical and/or supportive care are implemented and carried out by the employee, and encourages the employee to take control of their own rehabilitation process. By helping to implement these recommendations, we prevent employees having continued difficulty at work due to injury/disability; and ensure that they get the treatment and support that they need to function optimally at work. Case management services therefore have a direct positive impact on an employee’s coping and productivity at work; and prevent absenteeism, presenteeism and errors at work.

Affordable case management to suit your pocket

At Kirsten Beukes Occupational Therapists; the cost of case management is R810.00 per hour, and typically, only one or two hours of case management is recommended per month. Hence, it is a relatively affordable way for an employer to ensure that employees get the treatment they need to work efficiently and productively.

For the employee, this means that they’re often able to fund certain interventions through their own medical aid.